Goodbye, Red Ike

I went to a very interesting talk by Jude Tindall and Ceri Meyrick last night. They are the producer and one of the writers on the Father Brown series on daytime television. The insight they gave into the mechanics and intricacies of the production, and the sort of budgets they have to work to told me that my hopes of getting my adaptation of Red Ike accepted are zilch. Set in Cumbria in the 1880s, Red Ike is a gloriously OTT book written by J M Denwood and S Fowler Wright. It features 3 sets of intertwined love stories, hissable villains, a Faithful Hound (who tears the villain's face off), a Gypsy Queen, hidden identities and lots of open-air bonking. But it would be extremely expensive to make.

Oh, well, back to the drawing board. At least I've had 24 stories published so far this year. I hope you may have read and enjoyed some of them.